Why do we need therapy? 

We all heard about the power of positive affirmations, but when we work on our sense of self-worth, our fears, defences, the affirmations are not enough. We need to go deeper and change our core beliefs about ourselves. We need to explore and understand how the past affects our present behaviours and emotional reactions. We need to work with our subconscious so we can learn to see ourselves in a more positive way. We can not do this without some kind of therapy.

It comes from the childhood

Our struggles with self-esteem issues usually start in early childhood. Consistent emotional support, encouragement, praise and guidance are foundational for the development of adequate sense of self-worth of a child. While dysfunctional environment, traumas and emotional abuse or neglect disrupt the healthy growth. Then the feeling of not good enough will follow you all your life. 

We offer in-depth therapy to help you to view yourself in a more positive way.

Our team of professional licensed therapists offers effective approaches to help you to increase your sense of self-worth. We believe that the work on increasing our sense of self-esteem is foundational for any transformation because it affects every aspect of our life. We all been there, we all went through break ups, losses and self-doubts. We know how our insecurities affect our personal and work life, and influence every choice we make. We are on your side to make it better for you.

Why Modern Therapy? We offer modern solutions to long-existing problems.

At Modern Therapy we offer cutting edge therapies that have proven success of building esteem and confidence. Childhood and incident traumas, low self-esteem and relationship struggles are the issues we work everyday. We  are licensed to work in British Columbia, Canada and trained in offering services by secure video or phone. 

Meet our team

Each therapist on our team is professionally trained and experienced in supporting your behavioural changes, building confidence, emotional regulation, stress and anxiety management. We are trained in hypnotherapy, trauma work, couples therapy. Our therapist are licensed to work in British Columbia and some other provinces. 

We provide evidence based, powerful therapies that are known to be effective working with traumas, PTSD, relationship problems, low confidence and other issues.  

Therapies we work with >


Karolina Taracha, MA, Professional Counsellor and Wellness Coach

Karolina is a registered professional counsellor and wellness coach. She will be happy to work with you to develop authenticity, improve communication and build confidence. Karolina believes that even though we can not change our past, we can still decide how we to show up in our present. She will help you to get to know yourself by examining your behaviour and emotional reactions and guide you to start behaving differently. With her support you will take some risks, build better boundaries and start asking for what you need more confidently. Karolina offers therapy in English and Polish languages.

Genevieve Manghi

Genevieve Manghi, Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate #3981, Certified Hypnotherapist

Genevieve is a registered professional counsellor candidate and certified hypnotherapist. She will help you to deal with addictive compulsion and behaviours, help with weight issues and body image, as well as anxiety and depression. She is the one to go to process inherited/generational trauma. She offers mindfulness based somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, therapeutic yoga, systemic constellations therapy. Genevieve offers services in English, Tagalog/Phillipino.

Pamela Chin

Pamela Chin, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #18804, Certified TRE Practitioner

Pamela will help you to work through trauma and PTSD, anxiety and self-esteem issues. She is the one to go to if you have work-related problems, and also offers couples counselling. She works with TRE, EMDR, Gottman method, EFT and CBT modalities.

Tatiana Maranda

Tatiana Maranda, MEd., Clinical director, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #14281

Tatiana specializes in childhood traumas and PTSD due to old and recent traumatic events. She loves to support clients in building up their self-esteem and confidence and believes this is foundational for every success in life. She is trained and experienced in EMDR, EFT for individuals and couples, IFS, Focusing, Ego-state therapies. At this moment Tatiana offers therapy by secure video, in English and Russian languages.


Kira Wilson, Client Care Coordinator

Kira is the one you talk to when you call the clinic. Taking the first step towards bettering our mental health can be hard and even daunting at times, especially if we don’t even know where to start. This is where she would come in! Her voice is that voice behind all the initial phone calls and inquiring emails that get sent to us here at Modern Therapy.

She will take care of your booking, will answer any questions and will match you with a therapist.


Team member

Our clinic is expanding and we are looking for therapists to join out team. Send us a resume to info@moderntherapy.ca 

Ready to book? Call 604-209-9926 or book a free ‘no-obligation’ consultation with any of our therapists 

Issues we work with

Stress and Anxiety Management

You will learn and practice simple and effective mindfulness strategies to keep your your nervous system calm and at peace. Your therapist will help you to implement these strategies in your daily life so it doesn’t feel like an extra burden.


Feel unmotivated? Often crying for no reason? Have no energy or desire to do what you normally do? Everything is a struggle?  You are not alone. Most of us felt this way at some times. If you want to understand why you feel this way and most important feel better  we should talk. Don’t stay there, you are probably exhausted to feel this way. You can change things, you can get back to your normal self.    


Self Esteem Counselling

Confidence is not the same as self-esteem. You can be confident and assertive at work but insecure in your relationship or social setting. You accomplished a lot, have a good career but feel that sometimes you react like a child or make unhealthy choices. You ‘know’ you are worthy, but you ‘don’t believe it’ Let’s explore how we can be more and make better choices in your life and relationships. 

Trauma and PTSD Therapy 

Trauma is not as much as ‘what happened to you’ but rather how ‘you processed’ the traumatic episode. Do you have flashbacks of what happened? Are you avoiding situations that are triggering your memory or painful emotions? We can not change the past, but we can change the emotional response to the memories. 

Childhood Trauma Therapy

If you were harshly criticized or put down when you were young, or was overwhelmed with strong emotions and felt alone with your struggles, you might be traumatized. What seems insignificant or even silly for an adult could be unbearable for a child. Your past is where your limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities are coming from. Let’s change that.

Life Coaching

Do you have concrete goals to achieve? Life Coaching might be a solution. Whether you want to learn certain life skills or develop life goals a life coach will help you to build a step-by-step plan and will hold you accountable while you are moving forwards with your goals. 

Couples Counselling

You will learn how to ask for what you need and get heard. You will understand your triggers, learn how to stay calm in disagreement and alleviate drama. We will explore your habitual negative interaction cycle and practice a better way of communication. Emotional connection is the key to a healthy relationship. When you feel safe and secure in your relationship you are more trusting, happier and satisfied with life. 

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Is online therapy as effective as in-person therapy?

Online therapy is not for everyone. However many people find it very effective and prefer it to in-person therapy. According to some studies on the therapeutic relationship in e-therapy “e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face-to-face therapy in terms of a therapeutic alliance, and that there is a relationship between the therapeutic alliance and e-therapy outcome…” 

We successfully work online with childhood and personal injury traumas, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and other issues.

Benefits of online therapy

Complete privacy

Suited for those who want to keep their therapy session private. Work for small communities or work/school when you don’t want your colleagues or subordinates to know that you are going to therapy.

Get to root
cause faster

When you feel comfortable and safe, you are open and more willing to ‘dig deep’. In-person therapy can bring unnecessary anxiety to those who are sensitive to social settings and a new environment. 

your life style

You want quality specialized counselling services to fit into your life. Chose the time that is convenient for you. No need to miss your work or school hours, or hire babysitters. No traffic. No parking fees. No wasted time.


The video platforms  we are using for video sessions are compliant with Canada Privacy Laws for Health Records (PIPEDA). For BC residents it is also compliant with PIPA BC privacy laws.

Access to a specialized

Have access to a therapist who specializes in working with your problem. Seeing a specialist online might be more beneficial than seeing a general therapist who is just available in your community.

Great for long distance relationships

You can meet with a therapist even if you are not at the same town as your partner. Long-distance relationship has its own problems and you might need to see a therapist who understands the dynamic and common issues of LDR.