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When it comes to mental health, we believe that we need to get to the root of our problems to achieve real results. This is why we go beyond the traditional therapy. We will open the doors to deep change in your life. Since your childhood, all your life experiences shaped who you are. We will explore your life’s journey and use modern therapeutic techniques to get to the heart of your struggles.

We listen to your story like no one else. Our Vancouver counselling clinic is all about new and effective therapeutic approaches, but with a personal touch. We will offer healing that’s just for you. We want to make sure that you feel heard, valued, and supported on every step of your journey, whether you are struggling with trauma and PTSD, need strategies to handle conflicts more effectively, or are seeking guidance adapting to a new chapter of your life.

With extensive knowledge and expertise, we know a lot about helping people. But we always look for new ways to improve. Modern Therapy is where old-school care meets new-school methods, giving you a complete and effective way to heal.

At Modern Therapy Counselling & Coaching in Vancouver,
we don’t just offer therapy; we provide a pathway
to a new life and a healthier future.

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Benefits Of Working With Our Counsellors

At Modern Therapy, we come from different backgrounds and we can relate to whatever you bring to us. A good therapist doesn’t just listen, they truly get it, doesn’t judge and is always on your side.  They ask tough questions and also give you gentle guidance you’re looking for. At Modern Therapy Clinic, you’ll discover the internal tools you have and need to get to the solutions you are looking for.

We might speak your language. We have therapists & online counsellors who offer therapy in Polish, Russian, Filipino/Tagalog, Farsi, French, Mandarin Chinese, and other languages.

Together we explore possibilities and opportunities for change. You’ll learn different methods and techniques that will help you:

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Counselling and coaching

Session With Us

  • At Modern Therapy Counselling and Coaching, we’re all about making real, lasting changes in your life.


  • This is what you can expect working with one of our Vancouver counselling therapists:
  • You Will Understand Your Story:

    We’ll help you to explore and understand how your past experiences are affecting your present life today. Together with the therapist, you will take a birdie view of your life so you can see why you feel and act the way you do.

    You Will Learn How To Let Go of the Past:

    Together with a therapist, you will find ways to deal with those tough emotions and thoughts that bring back to the unsettling past. When you remove those blocks that in a way of growing you you will be able to move forward to a healthier, happier you.

    You Will Boost Your Self-Esteem:

    During therapy, you start to develop a more positive view of yourself. It’s like becoming your therapist, awesome parent, and your best friend, who will help you to build the best version of yourself. 

    You Will Strengthen Your Relationships:

    Through improving communication with others, you will create a better bond with your loved ones and start creating meaningful connections with new people. 

    You Will Grow As A Person:

    We look at the big picture of who you are, and without judgment, we will help you to see the points for growth. You will start to be more excited about who you are, feel more engaged, and find more joy in your life. 

    You Will Create A Brighter Future:

    We don’t just work with the past; we help you look forward, identify your purpose and life goals, make sure they align with your values, and support you to create a life that’s true to who you are. 

We offer in-depth therapy

You will see yourself through a more affirmative lense

Our professionally licensed therapists & counsellors in Vancouver can guide you through a journey of self-discovery in which you’ll renew your inner self, strengthen your self-esteem, and recognize your worth as a valuable human being. We are on your side. We are here to help you.

Your self-esteem is the foundation of your emotional well-being. Insecurities can really get in the way of relationships, work, self-care, and the choices you make on a daily basis. We’ve all been there: childhood trauma, toxic relationships, loss, and other life-altering events can strip you of your sense of worth and damage your confidence.

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Our Vancouver counsellors at Modern Therapy have the skills to meet your specific needs

Feeling comfortable and connected with your therapist is essential for a healthy process that will lead you to a healthy mind and heart. Modern Therapy offers you a host of highly trained and personable therapists – each with their own set of skills and approaches – so that you can be assured of finding the person that you will most relate to.

Ready for a change? Let’s talk about it. You can book a session with us or start with a free 15-minute chat to see how our Vancouver counselling clinic can help.


We’re here to walk with you towards a happier and healthier life, right here in Vancouver at Modern Therapy’s Counselling Services. Let’s take that first step together.