Does Online Therapy Actually Work?

Does Online Therapy Actually Work?

Does Online Therapy Actually Work?

Online therapy compared to a face-to-face therapy

With the Pandemic, many professionals had to move online, and that was a different experience for therapists and for clients as well. I’ve been thinking of adding online therapy to my counseling practice for quite a while. However, I wasn’t sure how would trauma therapies work online. To my surprise, it was quite successful.

Not only we didn’t lose a therapeutic connection, that I was afraid of, but added other dimensions to develop that bond with clients. May clients who hesitated to try online counselling at first discovered many advantages of online therapy. Now many of them prefer online meetings and never hear it was less effective than in-person. They say, that meeting someone by video is actually even more ‘face-to-face’. We have fewer distractions, fewer worries about the traffic, and getting back home in time. People feel more comfortable at home.

According to some studies on the therapeutic relationship in e-therapy “e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face-to-face therapy in terms of a therapeutic alliance, and that there is a relationship between the therapeutic alliance and e-therapy outcome…” 

We successfully work with childhood and personal injury traumas, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and other issues.

What are the benefits of online therapy?


We can ensure privacy

Suited for those who want to keep their therapy session private. Work for small communities or work/school when you don’t want your colleagues or subordinates to know that you are going to therapy.

We can get to the root cause quicker

When you feel comfortable and safe, you are open and more willing to ‘dig deep’. In-person therapy can bring unnecessary anxiety to those who are sensitive to social settings and a new environment.

It accommodates your lifestyle

You want quality specialized counselling services to fit into your life. Chose a time that is convenient for you. No need to miss your work or school hours, or hire babysitters. No traffic. No parking fees. No wasted time.

It’s secure

The video platforms  we are using for video sessions are compliant with Canada Privacy Laws for Health Records (PIPEDA). For BC residents it is also compliant with PIPA BC privacy laws.

You can have access to a therapist who works with your issue

Have access to a therapist who specializes in working with your problem. Seeing a specialist online might be more beneficial than seeing a general therapist who is just available in your community.

Works for long distance relationships

You can meet with a therapist even if you are not at the same town as your partner. Long-distance relationship has its own problems and you might need to see a therapist who understands the dynamic and common issues of LDR.


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