Childhood Trauma Counselling in Vancouver

Do I have Childhood Trauma? 

If you remember a specific traumatic event

Have you experienced physical, emotional, or mental abuse? Had surgery and were at a hospital at a young age? Been neglected (physically or emotionally) by your caregivers? Did you move a lot when you were growing up? Have a family history of substance abuse or mental illnesses? These are just some examples of events that could lead to a childhood trauma. All these experiences can have an impact on how you see the world and interact with others, and if you answered any of these questions you might need to do childhood trauma counselling therapy as these experiences can leave deep emotional scars that require healing.

If you remember a specific event during childhood trauma therapy our gentle and supportive certified Vancouver counsellors will help you to reprocess that memory to reduce an emotional response when the memory comes up in your mind. It is very important to reprocess your painful memories in a safe and supportive environment to be able to relieve the past and move forward.

In case you don’t remember but guessed something weird happened, we will start with the bodily sensations and emotions and explore the earliest experiences when you felt this way.


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If you are unsure you had trauma

Have you been constantly criticized, compared to your siblings or classmates, bullied by peers, were emotionally neglected, frightened to be punished, or expected to take on adult responsibilities?

The emotional injury from these events is not obvious but also might have affected negatively your development. They can significantly affect your sense of self-worth, cause unhealthy coping mechanisms, potentially leading to anxiety or depression today. The exposure to these events can profoundly shape your personality and view of the world. Even a lack of praise and encouragement might form your negative beliefs and high expectations of yourself.

As kids we constantly please parents, as we need their attention. The unmet need for approval might lead to self-doubt and feeling being inadequate. This dynamic might cause you to become dependant on external validation. If your caregivers were never satisfied with you, you might develop a high achiever syndrome when ‘you are never enough’. No matter what you you, ‘you could always do better’ and we develop a habit of focusing only on mistakes and disregarding achievements. This need for perfection comes with burnout and anxiety.

Children need a calm adult to help them to regulate their emotions. If you were growing up with emotionally distant adults, or they worked hard and were never around, you might have felt emotionally abandoned by them. Later in life you might have problems trusting people and creating healthy bond with your partner and friends.

If you were overwhelmed with emotions and nobody was around to help you make sense of it and comfort you, it often brings problem with emotional regulation. If you had constant fights and conflicts in the house, you might had never learned to understand and regulate your own emotions, which can affect your ability to develop closeness in your future relationships.

If you know there was a trauma but you don't remember it

Whether you remember what happened or not, noticing your emotional responses is an important step in recognizing something is going on. If you experience strong emotions or bodily sensations that you can’t explain, it’s a clue you might have some old wounds that need attention.

When we experience a strong overwhelming emotion that our nervous system can’t handle, we dissociated. This is how our brain protects us from pain. At the time of the event, it is helpful but later we might notice ‘blackouts’ in your memory. We see this in therapy quite often. People just don’t remember some period of their lives. The good thing is that to process trauma we don’t need the details. Your bodily sensations will guide therapy at a pace that your body is able to handle.

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Are You Looking For Healing and Resilience? At Modern Therapy, Vancouver’s Trusted Childhood Trauma Counselling Service Can Help

If you are looking to build resilience and move beyond the shadows of childhood trauma, Modern Therapy and Counselling in Vancouver is here to support you. Our skilled and certified counsellors are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of trauma and emerge stronger.