Therapy for childhood trauma

Therapy for childhood trauma

If you remember a specific traumatic event 

Have you experienced physical, emotional or mental abuse? Had a surgery and were at a hospital at a young age? Been neglected (physically or emotionally) by your caregivers? Moved a lot when you were growing up? Have a family history of substance abuse of mental illnesses? If you answered any of these questions you might need to do some childhood trauma therapy. 

If you remember a specific event during childhood trauma therapy we will help you to reprocess that memory so you won’t experience a strong painful emotion when that memory comes up in your mind. In case you don’t remember but guessing something weird happened, we will start with the bodily sensations and emotions and explore the earliest experiences when you felt this way. 

If you are unsure you had trauma

iWere you constantly criticized, compared to your siblings or classmates, bullied by peers, emotionally neglected, frightened to be punished, expected to be an adult? 

These kind of traumas are not obvious but also affect negatively the healthy development of a child. The results of constant criticism and lack of praise and encouragement are negative beliefs and high expectations of yourself. 

As kids it’s our need to please parents, we need their attention, praise and support. If your caregivers were never satisfied with you, you might develop a high achiever personality when it’s never enough. No matter what you did, ‘you could always do better’. So we develop the habit to focus only on your mistakes and disregard your achievements. 

Kids need a calm adult to help them to regulate their emotions. If you were growing up with emotionally distant adults, or your parents never been around, you might have felt emotionally abandoned by them. When you were in a distress , overwhelmed with emotions and nobody was around to help you to make sense out of it, and comfort you, it often results in problems with emotional regulation.  

If you know there was a trauma but you don’t remember it

Whether you remember what happened or not, if you experience strong emotions or bodily sensations that you can’t explain, it’s a clue you might have old wounds that need attention.

Often when we experience strong overwhelming emotions that our nervous system can not handle it helps us to dissociate from the pain. At the time of the event, it was helpful but now you might notice some ‘blackouts’ in your memory. To process trauma we often don’t need the details. Your bodily sensations will help you to do the healing.