Couples & Relationship Counselling in Vancouver

What Is Couples & Relationship Counselling And When Do We Need To See A Counsellor?

The main issue people are coming for couples or relationship counselling is broken communication

It is more than simple misunderstandings though. The main problem is that we don’t feel heard, understood, or valued by our partner. When we fail to communicate, it can feel like you’re speaking different languages, which brings frustration, sadness, and loneliness in the relationship.

So we often find ourselves stuck in a loop of unresolved arguments, where the same issues come up over and over without any resolution. This can create a sense of hopelessness as we feel we would never get through our partner.  Not being heard can be deeply painful, making every interaction seem to lead to a conflict.

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What Does Couples & Relationship Counselling Look Like?

Couples counselling can help you to bridge the gap of miscommunication, offering you a space where you and your partner can safely express your feelings and be truly heard. It’s about learning to communicate in ways that promote understanding and empathy, helping you to reconnect and find common ground. Through this process, you can begin to heal the disconnect in your relationship, rebuilding the trust and closeness you may have lost.

Often couples come to us saying ‘We just don’t hear each other and we are going in circles’. If you feel your partner just ‘doesn’t hear’ you’ you would feel more frustrated and more alone every time you have an argument. One of the tasks of couples therapy is to change this habitual communication pattern that doesn’t resolve anything and leads only to more distress and disconnect.

Together with a therapist you will learn and practice new skills – recognize triggers and emotional responses to them, and learn conflict resolution skills. When you understand what triggers those reactions, you will be less defensive and less reactive and will be able to stay connected with your partner, so you can resolve an issue without getting into an argument. You will nurture deep friendship and create shared meaning and goals. You will not only resolve conflicts but also will start to cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling relationship, develop more respect and affection towards each other. 

Our team of Vancouver counsellors at Modern Therapy will teach you how to notice the alarms right away and respond differently. You will identify what is ‘yours’ and what is your ‘partner’s’ and build better boundaries, become more assertive in talking about your needs, and get a more positive response from  your partner. In couples therapy, you will learn practical tools to deepen intimacy and deeper connection with your partner.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. All that you need is to commit to one session. Then you can decide whether this is for you.


What are the therapeutic approaches you use to help couples?

The main therapeutic approaches we are using in couple’s therapy that make the most sense to us are EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and The Gottman Method Couples Therapy, as well as Developmental Model for Couples therapy. Our relationship counselling therapists see these approaches to be complementing each other in achieving the relationship goals, such as improving communication, deepening intimacy and strengthening emotional connection between partners.

How to prepare for couples therapy?

Keep in mind that couples therapy is not a place to find out ‘who is wrong’ and discuss ‘who said what’. For an experienced therapist, there is no need to tell about all the arguments you had before you came for therapy. Usually, we see the patterns right away and ready to help you to understand your and your partner’s reactions, why you behave a certain way and what you should be doing differently.

Please allow your therapist to interrupt you and lead you through the process of change. The less ‘stories’ we hear during the session the faster you will achieve your goal.

How to choose a good couple's therapist?

Your couples therapist should have formal training and experience in one of the main couples therapies such as EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy ) and The Gottman Method. They both have profound training and a good success rate.

How Long Does Relationship Counselling Take?

It depends on your situation and willingness to practice new skills. 10-15 sessions might be sufficient to help you to change the way you communicate, however, we know couples who come to see a therapist on a regular basis just to check-in.

Rediscover Love and Connection with Couples and Relationship Counselling in Vancouver

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