Depression Counselling in Vancouver

Do you feel depressed?

Depression is More Than Just Feeling the Blues

Lack of motivation and/or energy
Tearful or crying for no identifiable reason
Hard to wake up with a good attitude
Difficulty in starting your day
Struggle to get through the day
Isolation and avoiding socialization
Difficulty finding pleasure in life

Depression can be a subtle sadness that accompanies you day and night, or an oppressive feeling that does not allow you to get out of bed, much less carry on as a productive and functional person. Depression can make you want to withdraw from your family, friends, work, and school. It can also cause anxiety, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and lack of interest or pleasure in doing different activities.

You may identify with some or all of these symptoms:

Depression isn’t just feeling down on a rainy day; it’s a cloud that hangs around, no matter the weather. It’s that sinking feeling that makes even the smallest tasks seem unbearable.

When you feel depressed, even the simplest of tasks, like making a meal or answering a phone call, can feel like scaling a mountain.

Conversations can seem draining, joys turn to chores, and motivation? It’s a weight that you carry around, not just in your heart or mind but in your very bones. Every step feels heavier, every thought a bit cloudier.

This isn’t about just “snapping out of it” or “shaking it off”. It’s a genuine struggle, one that requires understanding, patience, and often, a helping hand to guide you back to brighter days.

What Causes Depression?

There are many factors that: trauma, loss, prolonged grief, breakup of an important relationship, and repetition of destructive patterns in your personal, couple, family, or work life. It is important to understand the source of depressive symptoms.

Understanding depression means recognizing that it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Many factors can contribute to depression. Trauma, for instance, can leave scars that aren’t always visible on the outside, while the loss of a loved one can create a void that feels impossible to fill.

Grief, especially unresolved grief, can gradually pull you down into the depths of depression.

Then there are personal experiences that can carry heavy emotional weight.

The end of a close relationship, for example, isn’t just about separating from someone; it can mean losing a part of yourself or dealing with the loneliness that can lead to a sense of hopelessness and despair.

But here’s the thing: while understanding the causes is crucial, it’s just the starting point. Identifying the roots of depression allows us to address it more effectively, supporting you on the way to healing and recovery. By acknowledging these triggers and working through them, we can create a path towards a brighter, more hopeful future.

Let’s talk and together our team of reliable depression counselling therapists can discover where your depression comes from and how to eliminate it.

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