Face-to-Face or Online Counselling?

Face-to-Face or Online Counselling?

Counselling gives you a great opportunity to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and worries in a safe and supportive space. The good news is that you no longer have to meet a counsellor in person. Nowadays, you can have counselling sessions from the comfort of your own home. Face-to-face counselling and online counselling come with their own benefits. If you are wondering about which one to choose, let’s see which option is best for you.

Face-to-Face Counselling

When you go in a face-to-face counselling session, you meet your therapist in their office or at another place where you can talk privately. You sit down together and talk about what’s on your mind. The therapist listens, asks questions to understand you better, and gives support and advice. It’s a safe and private space where you can openly share your thoughts and express emotions face-to-face with someone who is trained to help you deal with challenges and improve your mental health.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Counselling

1. Non-Verbal Communication is Important to You

It also helps your counsellor to understand you better. Many therapies involve talking, but non-verbal communication is also very important in counselling. Your body language shows how you really feel, and your therapist can notice small movements that can reveal deeper issues. Sometimes, your words don’t match your body language, making it easier for your counsellor to notice and discuss these differences. This is especially important if you try to make others happy or hide your problems because your real thoughts and feelings might be ignored, which can make your negative beliefs stronger.

2. The Energy is Different in Face-to-Face Sessions

Therapy sessions are different when you and your counsellor are in the same place compared to online meetings. You can feel the vibes and notice small changes that might not be noticed online. You‘ll notice in face-to-face counselling that when you talk about difficult things, having your counsellor by your side will help you to stay calm and remind you that you’re not alone in dealing with them. Online sessions can still provide support, but it’s just not quite the same.

3. Therapists Can Use Different Techniques

Your counsellor can be quite creative in the face-to-face counselling sessions which will be helpful for you. Sometimes, you might struggle to share how you feel that’s when your counsellor can suggest using props to help you to open up. This might help the session to go more smoothly. Some people consider the face-to-face counselling sessions to be more natural and easy.

4. There are No Interruptions

Therapy is a very personal experience. From the moment you enter the therapy room, that time and space are dedicated to you, and your therapist will do everything possible to minimize interruptions. Face-to-face counselling reduces the chance of distractions and creates a secure place for you to talk openly.

Online Counselling

Online counselling offers you an alternative to traditional face-to-face counselling by providing professional counselling services over the Internet. You can access these services mainly through email, real-time chat, and video conferencing.

Benefits of Online Counselling

1. It Is Accessible for Everyone

Online therapy makes it easier for you to get mental health services, especially if you live in a rural or remote area or have mobility issues. It also allows you to find therapists from other locations, where you can find a therapist who has specific expertise or is proficient in your language and understands your culture.

2. It Is More Convenient and Flexible

With online therapy, you can have sessions from your home, saving you travel time, stress, and money. It’s more flexible, making it easier for you to get help even if you have a busy schedule. Many therapists are willing to change their times each week for online sessions, according to your needs since they don’t need a physical room. This is especially helpful if you work in jobs with irregular hours, like events management. Plus, you don’t need to travel, so therapy sessions can easily fit into your daily routine. The time you save for travelling can be used for other things, like family or other activities that are good for your well-being.

3. There’s More Anonymity in Online Therapy Sessions

Online therapy gives you more privacy, which can help reduce the stigma you might feel about getting mental health support. This privacy can encourage you to seek the help you need. For example, you won’t have to worry about being seen in a waiting room or when entering and leaving a therapy office. Also, if your therapist isn’t local, you won’t run into them outside of your sessions, making the therapy feel safer and more private for you.

4. More Comfort

If you find new experiences overwhelming, starting therapy online can make it easier for you to talk about personal issues from the comfort and safety of your own home. Suppose you feel ashamed or have body image issues. In that case, you might find that online therapy, with the option to turn off the camera, gives you support that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Online therapy can make getting help possible when face-to-face therapy feels too uncomfortable.

5. It Is Cost-Effective

Online counselling saves you money in fuel and parking fees. Online therapists might also be able to offer you lower-cost services because they don’t need physical offices. Therapists can charge less for sessions or offer more flexible pricing. This helps people who might find face-to-face therapy too expensive. Online therapy is a more affordable option.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Counsellor

1. Comfort

Think about whether you feel more comfortable and engaged during face-to-face interactions, or if you prefer the convenience of online sessions. With online counselling, you can pick a safe and private spot, saving you the time and effort of travelling. But if you’re okay with travelling to see your therapist, that’s perfectly fine too.

2. Availability

When you’re in a difficult situation, phone helplines and helpline text lines can give you quick support when you don’t know who to call or what to do. You have more choices now, with experts from all over the world available to help you. Often, getting the help you need depends on booking an appointment. Sometimes, just going to see a therapist in person can make you feel better.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality

Both in-person and online counselling can be private. But for online sessions, make sure you are in a quiet, private place to keep your conversation confidential. We had clients whose kids or spouses would enter a room in the middle of a conversation, so please tell your family you need privacy for this time.

4. Therapist Qualifications and Experience

Whether you choose in-person or online counselling, make sure your therapist is licensed, qualified, and experienced to provide the help you need.

So, which option is best for you? It’s your choice!

A trusting relationship between you and your therapist is important for therapy to work well. That’s why deciding between in-person and online therapy is a very personal choice for you and your therapist.

Your decision depends on what you need, what you like, your situation, and what makes you feel comfortable. Some people find online therapy convenient and easy to access so it might be perfect for you. Others prefer meeting face-to-face for a more personal connection.

It’s also important to remember that life isn’t perfect, and we often have to make compromises. It might feel like in-person therapy is the best option, but online therapy might be better for you because it’s more affordable, fits your location, or gives you more flexibility.

We at Modern Therapy & Counselling Offer Both

At Modern Therapy Clinic, we offer both face-to-face and online counselling options. At our clinic, we understand that everyone’s journey to healing is different, so we offer flexible and convenient therapy solutions to meet your needs.

Why Choose Modern Therapy?

  • Flexibility: We offer options that suit you best—whether you prefer meeting in person or having therapy sessions online. You can choose what fits your schedule and comfort.
  • Expertise: Our team includes highly qualified online therapists dedicated to helping you reach your personal growth and mental well-being goals. Each therapist is skilled in different therapeutic techniques to provide the support you need.
  • Personalized Care: We believe in personalizing therapy for you. When you contact us, we’ll understand your concerns, goals, and preferences to match you with the right therapist who meets your needs.
  • Convenience: Our online counselling lets you attend sessions from home or anywhere you’re comfortable.
  • Support: Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, or another concern, our clinic provides a safe, supportive space. You can explore your feelings with a caring therapist who won’t judge.

Connect with Modern Counselling in Vancouver

Begin your journey towards better mental health today. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and understand how our Modern Therapy Clinic can support you. Our online counsellors are ready to help you overcome your life’s challenges and help you to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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