Do you have current ICBC Claim? 

Regardless whose fault it is, if you were involved in a car accident and experiencing anxiety, fear of driving, flashbacks, sleep problems, trouble with concentration, feelings of sadness, depression, anger and other PTSD-related symptoms you are eligible for ICBC counselling coverage.

Modern Therapy works directly with ICBC and will help you to get counselling sessions coverage through ICBC. 

Any person with recent ICBC claim is automatically pre-approved for counselling sessions, however they have to be taken within the 12 weeks following the accident. 

If you registered your incident with ICBC, contact counsellor immediately to start counselling treatment. 

If you have older claim, a doctor’s note and an approval for counselling sessions from the claim specialist is required. 

Talk to us, after we get your claim number and contact information of your adjuster and the lawyer we can start the approval process for counselling sessions. 

You are automatically pre-approved for counselling sessions for 12 weeks following the incident. Make sure to contact ICBC immediately as this activates your claim and creates the opportunity to proceed with treatment.

For older claims, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and get a referral letter for counselling.

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