Low Cost Counselling in Vancouver

Affordable Graduate Intern Counselling in Vancouver - Quality Healing at Accessible Rates (Starting at Just $40/Session)

Struggling to find low-cost counselling in Vancouver that doesn't compromise on quality? Meet Oliver, our dedicated intern with a passion for your healing journey.

Life’s twists and turns often leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Often it happens when we are in a tough financial situation. That’s where Oliver steps in. He provides accessible mental health support to those who need it most. Oliver is completing his clinical hours for his Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and brings not just his education but also a variety of lived experiences to every session.

Oliver has honed his skills working with a diverse spectrum of clients, including adults and young adults grappling with a range of challenges—anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship woes, and even trauma. His approach is client-centered, focusing on individual needs and personalized growth. His wide array of experience makes him the go-to choice for individuals and couples yearning for a better quality of life.

What Makes Oliver Unique? Oliver doesn’t just ‘talk the talk,’ he’s walked it. Having navigated personal mental health and dependency challenges, Oliver’s perspective is enriched with knowledge and experience. He understands what it feels like to be trapped, but also how liberating breaking those barriers can be. His empathetic approach is grounded in fundamentals of psychotherapy and therapeutic methodologies. His deep understanding of the issues allows him to provide a unique blend of empathy and actionable strategies.

What particularly drives Oliver is a deep interest in relationship issues, low self-esteem, childhood abuse and neglect, multicultural identity, and toxic masculinity. If you’ve struggled with any of these, Oliver offers a safe space to explore, understand, and heal. He offers therapeutic techniques to address these complex issues, to ensure that he offers a comprehensive holistic approach to mental wellbeing.

Oliver's Expertise

Oliver is currently working under the mentorship and supervision of our experienced counsellor and clinical cirector Tatiana Maranda, ensuring you’re getting the highest quality care. The close supervision provides safety and effectiveness of the therapy provided by Oliver.

With proficiency in both English and Mandarin Chinese, Oliver’s therapeutic reach is extensive. This allows him to serve a broader community, breaking down barriers to access in mental health services. Whether you prefer a phone session or a video chat, he’s always a tap away.

Oliver offers affordable therapy without compromising quality. Priced at $40 for individual sessions and $50 for couples, Oliver offers accessible, high-quality counselling for all.

Oliver’s sessions may be eligible for coverage under various extended health benefit plans. If you’re planning to claim your session expenses, just give us a heads-up when you book your appointment. This option can further remove financial stress, making it easier for you to commit to your mental health journey.

Rewriting Your Story With Oliver

Oliver can listen, however he offers more than listening skills. In therapy sessions with him, you won’t just be telling your story, you’ll be shaping it to suit your needs. Oliver believes that understanding and altering your personal story can lead to significant changes in your life. He will help you to rewrite the parts of your story that are in a way of on your path of moving forward.

Together with Oliver you will take at look at your past experiences and connect them with current challenges. He will help you to seek for insights and solutions and will encourage you to define your strengths and resources. Through work with Oliver you might change your perspective on various aspect of your life and see more positive possibilities for your future.

You will work together to understand and rebuild your narrative. This process shifts the way you see yourself. Do you feel like life is happening to you? Or you feel in control of it? You will identify solutions that you haven’t thought about before and will gain a deeper understanding of yourself. He will give you tools to change your story to one where you control your life’s direction and move towards the best version of your self. You will set up realistic goals that support your values, find the ways to move past old limitations, recognize your potential and see all the possibilities that life has to offer.

Your Healing Journey Starts With That First Step, and Oliver is Eager to Walk it With You

Because everyone deserves a chance to be understood, to be helped, and most importantly, to be happy. Our team of local Vancouver counsellors is here to support you.