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We have got the qualifications and have been through the ropes, dealing with all sorts of challenges. So whatever’s on your mind, chances are, we’ve seen it, worked on it, and got a strategy for it. We’ve got specialists who focus on:

Self-Esteem Counselling Services| Modern Therapy

Self-Esteem Counselling

Looking to level up your self-confidence? Dive into our self-esteem counselling sessions. We’re all about helping you see the awesome person you are and find and enhance that inner spark. Let’s work together to boost that self-image!

Stress and Anxiety Counselling | Modern Therapy

Stress and Anxiety Counselling

Feeling weighed down by stress and anxiety? We got you. We can help you handle that daily treadmill and give you some solid ways to deal with the tough stuff. Let’s make your days a bit easier together.

Trauma & PTSD Counselling | Modern Therapy

Trauma & PTSD Counselling

Navigating trauma or PTSD? It’s tough, no doubt about it. But you’re not alone in this. We’re here, equipped with the right therapeutic approaches to assist you on your healing journey. Let’s collaborate and pave a path towards recovery.

Childhood Trauma Counselling | Modern Therapy

Childhood Trauma Counselling

Dealing with echoes from past traumatic experiences? We understand how they can still shape your current reality. With our specialized therapy for childhood trauma, we’re here to help you unpack, process, and find a way forward.

EMDR Therapy | Modern Therapy Clinic

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an effective technique that can quickly help ease the weight of trauma and those distressing memories. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to healing, let’s chat about it.

Couples & Relationship Counselling | Modern Therapy

Couples & Relationship Counselling

Looking to level up your relationship game? Whether it’s about vibing better with your partner or just communicating more effectively, our couples & relationship counselling has got your back. Let’s work together to make those connections even stronger.

Life Coaching | Modern Therapy

Life Coaching

Feeling a bit lost or stuck in life? No worries, it happens. With our life coaching services, we can help you find your groove, set clear paths, and conquer those personal and professional goals. Let’s map out your journey and get you where you want to be.

Grief & Loss Counselling | Modern Therapy

Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief can be a winding, complex journey. Our seasoned counsellors are here to offer a helping hand, providing insight and support as you work through the intricacies of loss and healing.

Depression Counselling | Modern Therapy

Depression Counselling

Conquering depression is possible with the right support. Let one of our counsellors help you understand and manage your depression, offering support and effective strategies for improvement.

Discover Your Path to Peace and Confidence

You might be searching for a psychologist in New Westminster or perhaps a therapist who can truly understand your journey. Talk to us. Our team, composed of experienced New Westminster counsellors, is equipped with the knowledge and empathy to help you build resilience and empowerment. We’re in this together, and we believe in the power of collaboration to bring about meaningful change.

Counselling & Coaching

Reasons to Choose Modern Therapy Counselling & Coaching

Choosing Modern Therapy Counselling & Coaching is about more than just seeking support; it’s about investing in your journey to a better, more balanced life. Choosing us would be a smart choice for your well-being and personal growth. Here’s why:

You'll Benefit from Deep Expertise

Our dedicated team of skilled therapists and coaches brings over a decade of hands-on experience in the field to ensure that you’re not just getting theoretical advice but tried-and-true methods.

Empowering Support for Every Challenge

Navigating life’s challenges can be tough. At our clinic, we don’t just stick to the old-school ways. We blend time-tested counselling with fresh, modern therapy techniques and life coaching. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re facing, we’ve got a range of services tailored for your mental and emotional journey. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

We Offer Modern Techniques

As our name suggests, we stay ahead of the curve, offering the latest research and therapeutic methods to provide you with the most effective care possible. At Modern Therapy Counselling & Coaching, we pride ourselves on tuning into the latest therapeutic approaches. Our name isn’t just a title; it signifies our commitment to continuously evolving and adapting, to make sure that we offer you the very latest in research and therapeutic techniques. This isn’t about following trends—it’s about our dedication to your mental health. We keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the psychology field, so we have the most effective tools and resources to guide you on your patch of healing and self-discovery. We want to make sure that every session is both meaningful and impactful.

Tailored Therapies for Unique Needs

With a focus on healing both incident and childhood traumas, couples therapy, and various specialized techniques like EMDR, EFIT, EFT, and Gottman therapies, you’re not getting a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you receive a tailored experience designed for your unique needs.

Genuine Heart-to-Heart Connections

At the heart of our philosophy is a genuine desire to understand and connect with our clients. We recognize the courage it takes to seek help, and we strive to create an environment where you feel heard, understood, and valued.

Results You Can Feel

Life’s hurdles can be daunting, but there’s real science behind the methods we use. Many have walked through our doors, facing their own unique challenges, and with our evidence-backed strategies, they’ve found their path to better mental health and a richer life experience. You’re not alone in this, and proven methods are here to guide the way.

Awesome & Happy People | New Westminster Counselling Services | Modern Therapy Clinic

Meet Our Team of Counsellors in New Westminster

Our team of therapists is licensed to work with Canadians residing in British Columbia and some other provinces.

A Message From Our Founder

What I love most about being a counsellor is helping people realize that everyone’s life is unique and precious. I believe that each one of us adds tremendous value to this world.

Tatiana Maranda - CEO & Founder of Modern Therapy Clinic

Therapists see deeper than others. We’re not about judging your reactions, choices, or feeling. Everything has its backstory. When you feel down, hurt, or misunderstood, we totally get it. We’re right alongside you, deeply connected to your journey.

We offer both Therapy and Life Coaching, with holistic approaches in mind. Through counselling, we’ll assist you in healing from past traumatic experiences, building self-esteem, learning to regulate emotions, developing self-compassion, and fostering a more positive view of yourself.

With our coaching techniques, we will help you identify and enhance your skills, supporting you on your personal growth journey.

Tatiana Maranda

MEd., Clinical Director, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Are You Looking for a Counsellor in New Westminster?

If you’re in New Westminster and looking for some solid counselling, Modern Therapy has got your back. Our experienced therapists are here to help you navigate through life’s rough patches and guide you towards the positive changes you seek. Let’s team up and work through it together.