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We Offer Online Therapy & Virtual Counselling in BC

All therapists at Modern Therapy Clinic offer online counselling sessions which are done through private and secure video platforms, that are designed specifically for therapists. Online therapy and counselling in Vancouver, Canada offers convenience and flexibility as well as accessibility from any part of BC and beyond. 

To get benefits out of therapy, it is important to work with a counsellor who is trained and practicing virtual or online therapy. Since 2019 Modern Therapy Counselling & Coaching has successfully worked online with different kinds of issues, such as childhood and accident traumas, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and more. 

Many people feel that online therapy is as personable and relatable, like just as if you were speaking in person. 

Virtual Counselling & Online Therapy in Canada | Modern Therapy Clinic
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What Are The Benefits of Virtual Therapy & Online Counselling in BC?

Some people prefer to keep their sessions confidential. You can connect with a therapist from anywhere – your home, work, or even your vehicle if this is the most private space you could have. It’s like talking to a trusted friend but one who has formal training and expertise to guide you through your life challenges. 

Online therapy and counselling in Vancouver allow you to schedule your sessions to fit your schedule. Your place can be your safe place which you can use to explore and dive into what is bothering you. 

Online sessions can be beneficial for busy professionals or parents who can’t afford to use their time to commute. You can book your session during a lunch break or early in the morning. 

You have more control over your time and schedule by avoiding the hassle of having to put work, school, or home responsibilities on hold to travel to your therapist’s office. No traffic. No parking fees. No wasted time.

Confidentiality is critical. The video platforms we use for video sessions are compliant with Canada Privacy Laws for Health Records (PIPEDA) and PIPA BC privacy laws.

An opportunity to do therapy through online connection opens the door to a world of specialists. If there is no therapist in your community that works with your specific issue, access virtual therapy makes possible to see a therapist who has formal training and expertise working with your exact needs. 

You get access t the whole world of best specialists, without leaving comforts of your home. 

Seeing an online therapist who’s an expert in your specific issue could actually be more beneficial than seeing a local therapist who doesn’t specialize in your area.

When we began offering online therapy, like many others we were wondering – if it’s going to work? How would we work with trauma? How we would ensure security? Would our techniques work? 

As we gain more insights and experience with online therapy we can say in confidence that online sessions don’t lose effectiveness because they are conducted online, even more, often it brings they can be more effective than in -person therapy. 

The only difference is that you connect with your counsellor through a screen instead of being in the same room. Online therapy doesn’t mean it’s less personal, on contrary, we are literally ‘face-to-face’

Long-distance relationships are tricky. A distance from your partner can create an extra layer of possibility for disconnect and misunderstanding. 

Online counselling in BC lets you and your partner connect with your couples counsellor from wherever you are in the world. Our therapists have a deeper understanding of in and outs of long-distance relationships and can address the issues you are struggling with. 

Whether you feel lonely and isolated, deal with jealousy or growing mistrust, together with a therapist you can express your worries and find a resolution. If you feel you started to disconnect from your partner, through counselling you can make your bond stronger. Therapy can become a bridge between you and your partner to understand each other and be heard. 

A counsellor can be that person who would facilitate tough conversations and teach you how to communicate more effectively when you are apart. It’s like having a friend with experience in long-distance relationships, who will challenge your assumptions but always be by your side. 

You will learn strategies to keep your love alive. If you started to have questions and doubts about your relationship or feel alone online therapy can help you to make your relationship stronger even at a physical distance. 

Long-distance relationships are tricky. A distance from your partner can create an extra layer of possibility for disconnect and misunderstanding. 

Online therapy in Canada lets you and your partner connect with your couples counsellor from wherever you are in the world. Our therapists have a deeper understanding of in and outs of long-distance relationships and can address the issues you are struggling with. 

At Modern Therapy, we routinely work with trauma and PTSD symptoms through online counselling. We had examples of resolving the fear of driving due to car accidents within 8 online sessions. At the end of the 8th session, the clients started to drive to work. Specific therapeutic approaches such as EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and even body-based approaches such as Trauma Release Exercise can be done virtually with the same or even greater success compared to in-person meetings. 

With the world changing, the newest technologies connect us almost instantly. Our video platforms are user-friendly and we would help you to easily tackle any issues five if you are not tech-savvy. 

Services We Offer Online

Self-Esteem Counselling | Modern Therapy


Struggling with self-esteem can be hard, and we can help. Our online self-esteem counselling will be beneficial for you if you need to boost your confidence, improve your sense of self-worth and develop a more positive view of yourself. We will help you to develop strategies to overcome self-doubt and create the best version of yourself. 

Stress and Anxiety Counselling | Modern Therapy

Stress and Anxiety Counselling

We know that life can get really busy and full of worries and anxiety. Our online counselling can help you to learn and practice  technique so you can deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. We all have ups and downs, the more you are equipped with right strategies, you will stay calm and recover faster. 

Childhood Trauma Counselling | Modern Therapy

Childhood Trauma Counselling

Often our childhood experiences affect how we feel today. Past traumas, loneliness, bullying, abandonment and neglect can leave scars that are not fully healed. Our online counselling is at your side to help you to navigate through your tough memories. We will help you to leave past in the past and calm down your negative feelings. You will start feeling stronger and more confident moving forward in life. 

Trauma & PTSD Counselling | Modern Therapy

Trauma and PTSD

Some experiences is not east to forget, when triggered, out memories bring emotions that can greatly affect our feelings. Our online therapy can help you deal with these past experiences and leave past in the past. We can’t change what happened but those memories won’t be accompanied with emotional pain and won’t through you into the emotional rut. 

EMDR Therapy | Modern Therapy


EMDR therapy is a specific therapy to help you deal with distressful memories. Through our online sessions, we’ll use a technique involving eye movements to make those memories less distressing and help you feel better.

Couples & Relationship Counselling | Modern Therapy

Couples and Relationship Counselling

Relationships can be tough, and our online counselling will support you and your partner developing better communication, get heard and deepen connection with each other. You will learn techniques to deal with conflict in a healthier and more productive way. Together with therapist you will make your relationship stronger.

Depression Counselling | Modern Therapy

Depression Counselling

We all feel low from time to time, but if your sadness doesn’t go away, you probably need to talk to to a therapist. Our online counselling can help you understand why you’re feeling sad and find ways to get back to your normal self. 

Life Coaching | Modern Therapy

Life Coaching

Life can be confusing, and we all need guidance from time to time. Our online life coaching will be your guide and mentor if you need to set realistic goals, develop steps towards those goals and be at your side while you are moving forward. 

Grief & Loss Counselling | Modern Therapy

Grief and Loss Support

We know how challenging it could be to deal with grief due to a loss. Our online counselling therapists will be at your side providing compassionate and understanding support on your path of healing.

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