Karolina Taracha

Karolina Taracha

MA, Professional Counsellor and Wellness Coach

RPC #4168

“I help clients show up authentically in their relationships in order for them to get their needs met and as a result experience more joy and connection in their lives.”


What you’ll encounter in a session with Karolina…

“I will non-judgmentally listen to your story, explore the root causes underneath your patterns, offer warmth and encouragement, and work together towards a change that will bring more fulfillment into your life.”

“In my work, I combine CBT, narrative therapy, emotionally-focused therapy, body-focused modalities as well as coaching. I am inspired by positive psychology and truly believe that although we cannot control our past, we decide how we show up on our journey today.”

A little more about Karolina…

Originally from Poland, Karolina has been practicing in Canada for the past three years. Karolina is a Registered Counsellor, a Life Skills Coach, and a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). Her studies include RPC-C Certification, BA in English Literature and MA in HR Management. In her private life, Karolina is an avid hiker, a traveller and a nature enthusiast. She loves discovering new places and learning new languages.

A deeper insight into Karolina’s therapy approach…

“Through my own struggles with vulnerability, I learned that in order to connect truly you need to be able to let go of the mask, risk opening up and have the courage to write a new story. In order to get rid of my own toxic relationship patterns, I needed to confront my behaviours, connect to my true needs and start inviting people that I am genuinely happy around. Having gone through a healing journey myself, watching clients find their voice and become more confident as they heal and grow is something that brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment.”

“I am kind, empathetic, supportive, open-minded, and driven. In my work, I draw from my own life experiences, as I lived in different countries (England, Australia, Canada, Poland) and can relate to immigration hurdles, career change, overcoming obstacles, grief and loss, resilience and finding optimism in all things.”