Oisin OMalley

Oisin OMalley

Certified NLP Practitioner & Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Hello, my name is Oisin, originally from Ireland. I am a certified NLP practitioner and Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada.

I believe that our subconscious mind is constantly shaping how we live our lives. I will help you to tap into this incredible resource to overcome challenges and make positive changes in your life.

In each session I ask myself two key questions: what’s this is about and how can I use it. This leads to therapeutic sessions that are completely tailored to your way of thinking.

Developed for issues of anxiety, depression, addiction, or stress, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is built on the principle of working within your view of the world.

I do not strictly work with the labels, instead, I will hold a space for you so you will feel totally comfortable and heard.

So, what hypnotherapy sessions look like? Will I wave a pocket watch in front of you to get you into a trance? Well, this is not how we do it however you will get into a trance state.

The thing is that trance is an everyday occurrence. Usually we think we are being put into hypnosis as if it’s a special state, however we go in and out of trance all of the time. Trance is often a part of things you want to change. As an example, if you are stressed by something that shouldn’t bother you, you’re in a trance. In therapy we de-hypnotise to put you back in control of your thoughts and emotions.

All behaviours have a positive purpose, including ‘negative’ ones. They are led by our subconscious if it ‘thinks’ it would be beneficial to us. Our subconscious works well for our survival. Our brain is tuned to learn from our experiences, to guide us towards behaviours to reward us or to move away from harm. The problem is that it often misjudges what is good and what is bad for us.

Everyone is unique. I believe that everyone has arrived at their issue through a series of experiences that have uniquely shaped their minds. I utilize Wordweaving technique to use your own words to create suggestions that are intended to accelerate the rate of your improvement and make it permanent.
You will learn to stay in control of situations where you are struggling. Once you’ve learned you can control them you begin to realize you can control everything else in your life.