Oliver Wang

Oliver Wang

Counselling Intern


“As a therapist, rather than merely listening, I have a chance to help my clients write better endings to their own stories.”

What you’ll encounter in a session with Oliver…

“During each session, expect to be appreciated as a unique individual and welcomed with unconditional positive regard. Our sessions will go at your own pace to meet your own needs. For those who are more solution-minded, sessions may focus more on problem-solving tools. For those who are more interested in reaching personal understanding, sessions will focus on deconstructing personal narratives to rewrite better stories for the future.”

A little more about Oliver…

Originally from China, Oliver’s family moved to East Vancouver when he was four years old.

Oliver has a Psychology Degree from SFU and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Has been working in the mental health field for the past five years and is currently employed as a CLBC facilitator. Oliver’s favorite therapy focuses are:

  • person-centered,
  • solution-focused,
  • and narrative.

Growing up, Oliver was always a little obsessed with stories. Stories offered him chances to reach new perspectives, gain new insights and explore different worlds. As an adult, the stories that interest Oliver the most are those of other people.

“Each time I listen to someone’s story in therapy,” says Oliver, “I always feel like a little kid again; filled with endless curiosity and wonder. The only difference is that these stories are still being written.”

A deeper insight into Oliver’s therapy approach…

“I think the intersections of my culture and background give me unique insight as a therapist. I identify as a Chinese Canadian, Cis-gendered, male. My unique cultural identities allow me to understand both Eastern and Western perspectives on life, thereby offering me multiple sources of inspiration to draw upon during a therapy session.”