Self Esteem Counselling in Vancouver

Is Self-Esteem Counselling for You?

Ever get that feeling of not measuring up? Does this harsh inner voice become louder on the bad days? Well, we all have those moments from time to time. However, if you constantly feel not smart enough, not slim enough, or any other form of ‘not enough’ talk to us. If you are your own worst critic, it’s the to challenge that perspective and develop a more positive view of yourself. That’s where self-esteem counselling in Vancouver steps in. 

We all had ‘blah’ days, and each one of us doubted ourselves once in a while. But if you always feel like everyone is judging you, or you’re being too hard on yourself, let’s get together and change that negative attitude towards yourself. 

Woman is Concerned About Her Self-Esteem | Self-Esteem Counselling Vancouver
Why Choose Self-Esteem Therapy?

We all have moments when we start second-guessing our good nature. It can happen when you scroll through your feed and see other people’s successes.  It’s ok to self-doubt sometimes but if you constantly feel yourself less than other people, if you deep down feel not deserving of good things, that’s a different story. If you feel inadequate, don’t have good boundaries, and let people take advantage of you in some ways, contact us.

How Can You Tell If You Need Self-Esteem Boost?

Here are a few signs:

  • Critical Self-View: You often see yourself in a pessimistic and negative light.
  • Feel That You Are Constantly Judged By Others: It feels as though everyone is criticizing and evaluating your every move.
  • Super Sensitive to the Needs of Others: You’re overly attuned to the needs and feelings of those around you, often at the expense of your well-being.

How you see yourself isn’t just about being confident. It’s also about how you feel, think, and deal with good and tough times. Your self-worth is deeply connected to your beliefs, emotions, and how you navigate challenges and mistakes in life.

Look at this list of low self-esteem symptoms and check off those that you think are true to you:
  • I often feel disappointed in myself
  • I often procrastinate
  • I constantly compare myself to others
  • People’s approval is very important to me
  • I feel I am different from others
  • It seems I am trying to be perfect all the time
  • It seems there are two sides of me – one that people see and another – ‘true me’ and I don’t like him/her
  • I feel anxious in social situations
  • I always try to look better than who I really am
  • It seems I need to be right all the time
  • I have regrets about my past and my choices
  • People tell me I have a ‘pessimistic’ or negative outlook
  • I have a lot of negative self-talk
  • I often feel guilt or shame
  • I overreact to criticism
  • I often doubt my decisions
  • I am constantly apologizing for what I do
Checked Most Of The Boxes? This Is How You Can Build Yourself UP

It takes time to unlearn what you have learned in all previous years and rebuild self-esteem. We will help you to stop your negative self-talk and start thinking of yourself in a more positive way. If you put your self-esteem on a scale from 0 to 100, where are you going to be? Nobody has zero self-esteem. You have it; you just have to identify and enhance your strong sides.

You need to build better boundaries, learn to ask for what you need, and say ‘no’ without coming across as ‘mean’. You need to rebuild trust in people, because if you are closed off from bad things, you are closed off from the good things as well. Talk to us; our certified team of Vancouver counsellors has vast experience helping people get a better sense of themselves, supporting them to see past experiences in a different way.

Finding Your Strong Side: How To Feel Better About Yourself

The way you see yourself can change. With some time and help, you can learn to see yourself more positively. Everyone has some good in them, even if they don’t see it right away.

To feel better about yourself, try:

  • Setting clear limits
  • Asking for what you want in a clear way
  • Saying no without being mean
  • Trusting people again and opening up to good things
Here's How Our Certified Counsellor Can Help You Shine Brighter:

Think of self-esteem counselling as learning new things about yourself. With our help, you’ll find:

  • Ways to deal with the mean voice inside
  • How to stand up for yourself
  • Seeing mistakes as ways to learn
  • Loving all the parts of you

Are You Ready to Boost Your Confidence and Empower Your Self-Esteem with Vancouver’s Trusted Counselling Services?

At Modern Therapy, we believe self-esteem counselling can really help. Our caring team of Vancouver counsellors knows how to help people see the good in themselves. We want to help you see problems in a new, positive way. When you value yourself, you find happiness, good friends, and success in what you do. Let us guide you on this amazing journey to loving and believing in yourself.