Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety management is a practical approach to manage the symptoms of distress.

You will learn and practice new tools and build a toolbox with strategies that include those to deal with a crisis and those that you can implement into your daily routine. They are easy to implement into your busy life. Those strategies and techniques are simple yet powerful to keep you calm and relaxed.

Chronic stress and anxiety affect our brain function, memory and ability to stay focused. Together with the therapist you will practice the strategies and build the toolbox that always be therefor you to bounce back.

We use Mindfulness and Grounding techniques, hypnotherapy and EMDR therapy to help you to build up those strategies.

Whom Stress and Anxiety management are for?

If you are ready to look at what’s underneath your stress and anxiety we can do that too. We can find ways to manage anxiety but if we don’t treat the deeper issue that causes that anxiety it will keep showing up till you get that issue treated. Often though it’s not safe to ‘go deep’. Sometimes we need to find ways to help you to get to the baseline first.

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