Trauma and PTSD therapy online

At Modern Therapy, we have counsellors who will help you to process the consequences of various stressful events. They are trained and experienced address physical, emotional or sexual trauma, critical incident, car crash, medical emergency, severe or threat or sudden loss of a close family member.

The specialized trauma-focused therapies such as EMDR, Flash EMDR, OEI and Mindfulness showed much success in the reduction of PTSD symptoms.

Does it mean you are traumatized if you experienced a traumatic event?

Trauma therapists see trauma as not necessary as ‘what happened to you ’ but rather ‘what  happened inside you’ as a result of a traumatic incident. 

In other words, t’s not an event itself that caused trauma but rather an inability of your nervous system to process that event. 

Two people can be in the same car accident but their recovery time and symptoms can differ significantly.

The stronger your tolerance to stress events is the lesser symptoms you experience, and the faster is your recovery time. 

There is a study on childhood maltreatment that is linked to a risk for psychological problems such as PTSD, depression and substance use in adulthood.

They found out that people who ‘perceived’ their experiences stressful are more at risk rather than those who had more severe abuse but didn’t consider events as traumatic. In addition, the degree to which a person perceives an event as traumatic is tied to trauma negative effects. 

What is PTSD?

Fears, negative self-talk, a sense of low self-worth, feelings of guilt and shame are the common issues people are experiencing as a result of trauma.

Those issues usually go away in time and the nervous system calms down, however often they don’t go away or show up later, way after the incident. 

If upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety doesn’t go away you might benefit from trauma therapy. If you notice that you started to avoid certain situations or places, or such feelings as anger, irritation, sadness come up out of nowhere and interfere with your life, talk to us. Together we will find the root cause of your upsetting feelings.

How Do We Work With Traumas?

There are many therapies that can help you to process traumas. We found that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy, OEI (Observed Experiential Integration) and Mindfulness / Grounding Strategies can effectively reduce the symptoms of distress.

Trauma is not necessary as ‘what happened to you’ but rather ‘what happened inside you’ when you were experiencing trauma