Counselling with Yoga Therapy in Maple Ridge

Counselling with Yoga Therapy in Maple Ridge

At Modern Therapy, we understand that while you are moving towards better health, it’s not just about your thought patterns and habits that you need to change. Your body needs healing as much as your mind. Our counselling and yoga therapy in Maple Ridge blends counselling therapy with body movements to create harmony in your physical and emotional well-being. By addressing both mental and physical aspect of health we create that body-mind balance that we all are talking about.

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Yoga Therapy & Counselling Session Maple Ridge | Modern Therapy Clinic

What Are Benefits To Integrate Yoga Therapy Into Counselling?

  • Stronger Mind-Body connection: Through physical poses, breathing exercises and movements, you will deepen your awareness of your physical state. When you are more attuned to your physical state and emotional responses. 
  • Stress Relief: Yoga helps to relax the body and regulate emotions. Certain breathing techniques and mindfulness reduce cortisol levels. Through counselling with yoga you will build resilience and learn to handle better life’s ups and downs. You will learn techniques to calm quickly your mind and release tension from your body. When the body is relaxed, anxiety and depression don’t reach the same intensity keeping you calm and relaxed in daily life.
  • Emotional Resilience: You will become more aware of your throughs and emotions without judgment. This will prevent your usual emotional rollercoaster.
  • Calmer Mind: In our fast-paced world, we have to do regular ‘resets’. You will learn tools and techniques to calm your mind quickly to move on to our next project. Modern life dictates our ability to switch to a more focused and calm state of mind when we need to. Can you relax at the end of the day? In yoga therapy, you will practice releasing tension from your body so you can recharge faster and more effectively.
  • Improved Concentration and Focus: You will notice that you have a better clarity and able to focus better on your tasks. You will start to make better decisions as your emotions won’t highjack your rational thought process. You will go through the day with more confidence.
  • Self-Care Routine: By practicing yoga in a therapeutic environment you develop a habit which you can build into your daily life. Stronger and more flexible body will bring confidence and more positive view of yourself

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is not just about the postures and breathing. This integrative approach to therapy heals the body as a whole. You will learn to tune into your natural ability to regain balance and find that perfect alignment of body, mind and spirit. 

At yoga therapy you will practice grounding techniques and try some new experiences such as diaphragmatic breathing, singing, or humming as part of your session.

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Who This Is This For?

This approach would benefit those who are looking for an integrative approach to health and wellbeing.

  • If you are dealing with anxiety or depression. Counselling with yoga therapy can help you to get back into a more balanced state of mind. If you feel stress and overwhelmed you will learn and practice tools to clam down your nervous system. 
  • If you are recovering from trauma. Those who are on a journey to heal from physical or sexual traumas might find this approach to be more gentle and less intimidating than other types of trauma therapy. You might experience a relief from painful memories and negative emotions such as guild or shame. 
  • Those who struggle with chronic pain and health issues. This approach is also effective for healing physical health as in yoga therapy we are focusing on somatic expressions of emotional distress.
  • Professional burnout. If you feel exhausted and burnt out from life and work demands yoga therapy will help to slow down, remind you what true relaxation looks like, and will help to recover the energy needed.

If you haven’t done any yoga before, not to worry, it is a gentle and tailored approach to your body needs and limitations. Anyone can find something for themselves regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities. 

What Is Happening In Yoga Therapy?

  • Learning to regulate emotions. You will learn and practice techniques between states of activation (anxiety or stress) and relaxation (slowing down), help you to practice regulating your nervous system. Then when you take it to the outside world you will have tools to catch the moment when your stress and overwhelms start to build up and use strategies to calm yourself down before your harmful emotions take over.
  • Increasign body awareness. You will be guided you to tune into your physical sensations and identify the areas of tension or discomfort. Your therapist will help you to release those blockages you have in your body. 
  • The intricate connection of our emotional state and body symptoms is helping us to learn to recognize the moments of approaching anxiety and use techniques in time to release the tension and prevent stress to build up. 
  • Help with burnout. By practicing yoga therapy techies you will enhance your nervous system’s flexibility, which will help you to move more easily between two states of stress and relaxation, helping to find relief faster. If you incorporate such techniques as slow mindful movements, and poses of restorative yoga into your daily routine you will develop resilience to the stress of everyday life.
  • Activating the Vagus Nerve. The vagus nerve’s role is to manage our parasympathetic nervous system to control our ability to relax. The movements of yoga therapy stimulate the vagus nerve, strengthening the body’s ability to response to stress. 
What is Happening in Yoga Therapy? | Modern Therapy Clinic

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Counselling with Yoga Therapy in Maple Ridge

We, as a team of Modern Therapy Clinic believe in a ‘whole-body’ approach to therapy, nurturing deep healing and transformation. This is why we are proud to offer cutting-edge therapeutic approaches that take a comprehensive approach to wellness. Book your one-on-one session for our personalized yoga practices that address your yo unique situation and take advantage of modern strategies built upon the ancient wisdom of yoga.